October 23, 2006



You may know the British alternative rock band Chumbawamba from their mainstream hit record Tubthumping (1997). But did you know they also recorded a comment on the illegal art market in general with a mention of the sorry state of the archaeological heritage in Iraq in particular?

On eBay from the album Un (2004)

Mr Kokoschka, it just happened again
Sad, so sad
They struck the museum like a hurricane
Sad, so sad
All of our culture, it's dead and its gone
Sad, so sad
From Babylon, baby, back to Babylon
Sad, so sad
There's stuff you find along the way and stuff you leave behind
And it all ends up as stuff that you can buy
On eBay, from Babylon back to Babylon
On eBay, from Babylon back to Babylon

Listen to a sample of the song in Windows Media or RealOne Player format (you can buy the album at Amazon.com).


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