October 30, 2006


Dr. George to lecture at BM

A View of Iraq and Archaeology
Thursday 16 November, 18.30
Stevenson Lecture Theatre, The British Museum, London, UK
Featuring guest speaker, Dr Donny George, formerly President of State Board of Antiquities and Heritage in Iraq and Director of the National Museum, Iraq.

This lecture will take place at the occasion of the exhibition The Past From Above. Through the Lens of Georg Gerster. A journey over the world's greatest archaeological sites which runs from November 16 through February 11.

See over 100 of the world's greatest historic locations in the heart of London. Captured over 40 years, the aerial photography of Swiss photographer Georg Gerster will take visitors on a tour of five continents.

Over 100 sites including the ancient cities of Babylon (in modern-day Iraq), Leptis Magna (in Libya) and Teotihuacan (in Mexico), will be explored in this exhibition. Objects from the Museum's permanent collection will feature alongside Gerster's photographs to provide an added insight into the people behind these extraordinary locations.

As well as focusing on the wonders of these archaeological sites, the exhibition also serves as a reminder of the fragility of many of these important locations and that positive action is required to preserve our common cultural heritage. This is your chance to view the world from a truly different perspective.


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