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At work at Oylum Höyük, Turkey

At work at the Turkish archaeological site of Oylum Höyük, 1989

[Photo: Tania Mazza-Deblauwe]

I work part-time as program developer for the Alexandria Archive Institute, a non-profit which is working to provide innovative digital services for sharing research, thus filling the gaps in traditional publication. To this end, the AAI created Open Context—a free, open access resource for the electronic publication of primary field research from archaeology and related disciplines.

For more about my current academic endeavors, see my personal web site.

military camp at Babylon
The Iraq War & Archaeology project:  for several years, I gathered, reviewed and commented on articles and information about the impact of the war on the archaeological remains in Iraq.  This site was intended for archaeologists, historians, scholars of the ancient world in general, policy makers, journalists as well as the general public.  Check out the full site archive from 2003 to 2006.

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Old city, Sanaa, Yemen Several years ago, I taught many different subjects at universities and colleges: ancient Near East, archaeology, ancient and medieval history, Middle East, modern art history, etc.  Feel free to check out my curriculum vitae with many hyperlinks.
Have a look at the hypertext version of a paper I presented in April 1997 at the At Home in the Ancient World symposium in St. Louis, Missouri, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the St. Louis Chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America
EB Ib pot, Lehun, Jordan
Check out my page reminiscing about the 1982 season at the archaeological site of Lehun, Jordan.

* This web site is hosted by the Institute of Oriental Studies, University of Vienna, Austria. I am grateful to the University of Vienna for providing me web space; I remain however responsible for this site.

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