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Reviewed Articles Archive Fifty-Nine: First 1/2 of September 2005

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  • "Restoration. Projects Abroad: Middle East," in Gema Art Group (Czech Republic), (September 2005): "In 2004 the government of the Czech Republic and the Czech Ministry of Culture announced the opening of the Programme for the Renewal of the Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Iraq, under which Gema Art Group has been awarded grants for four renovation projects." "In the fall of 2004, Gema Art Group and the Institute for Restoration and Conservation Techniques in Litomyšl organised a two-month course in restoration and conservation methods for Iraqi restorers. At present, Gema Art Group is working on three Iraqi projects, two of which will assist the Iraqi National Library in Baghdad, tragically damaged in the war (the first project will contribute to saving handwritten manuscripts administered by the Library, while the second will construct a new micro-graphic laboratory for the Library). A third project is being carried out in collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Culture and regional Iraqi authorities, and is intended to help salvage the Iwan Al-Medain Arch in Ctesiphon.  Work includes, securing samples from the monument, basic research of repair materials (unburnt brick, plasters), preparation of an international working team and creation of a duplicate stone mixture. In connection with these projects, Gema Art collaborates with many important Czech and Iraqi institutions, including the Czech Ministries of Culture, Foreign Affairs and Defence, the Iraqi Ministry of Culture and National Library, the Czech National Library and National Archive, as well as universities.  The Programme for the Renewal of the Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Iraq was also declared for the year 2005, ..." [see also Bahboub "Construction," "Aid" and "Citadel," all September 2005]

    Photo: [no caption; National Library in Baghdad after its looting in 2003?]

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