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Policy for Access to the Collection for Study

December 8, 2004 Donny George IW&A Documents, 2

Subject: Re: 2003- IW&A: "Report from Baghdad"; "HR-1047 Passes -- Now What?"
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 00:58:41 -0800
From: Dr. Donny George <xxx@xxx>
To: Francis Deblauwe <xxx@xxx>

Dear Francis,

I hope this message will find you well, and thank you so much for updating
us all the time.

In the international conference for ICOM, that took place in Seo[u]l, Korea,
last October, I announced a statement concerning the access to the
collection of the Iraqi Museums, I would love, if it is possible to publish
the same statement in your site.

Dr. Donny George




The policy for access to study objects of the Iraqi Museums shall be as

Access to the collection for purposes of study or cataloging shall be
granted to all scholars, regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity.
Access will be granted, depending on the condition of the objects and by
previous approval and appointment with the museums. Research will be
conducted within the museum's facilities. Access will not be granted to
scholars and institutions that are known to work with stolen Iraqi
antiquities or give expertise to the illicit market in antiquities, whether
that work involves Mesopotamian Antiquities, the Cultural Heritage of Iraq,
or antiquities illicitly acquired from other countries.

Dr. Donny George

Director General

Iraqi Museums

December 2004

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